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WP Store is suppose to be bigger then shopperpress with a range of features and options for selling tangible and digital goods online. Three different theme types from Shopping Mode, Digital Mode and Catalog Mode for different kinds of stores, fully manage products with descriptions and images, manage orders processing, shipping options with adding discounts and prices based on weight, a massive amount of payment gateways at the click of a button, manage and include tax, user registration, use coupon codes for added discounts, product size and colour features and others, A built in affiliate module to drive more and more sales, Search Engine Optimized, built in ad management and cross browser compatible.

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7 Responses to “WP Store v1.3 – Templatic Premium WordPress Theme”

  1. InSTYLeR says:

    i was install in my local pc, but it’s give me white screen error. Thanks for everything…

  2. Read the help files, dude. Thanks for your comment, anyway.

  3. Help Needed says:

    Love the site! Whenever I add an item to the shopping cart it disappears. Then after refreshing 5-8 times it comes back. Goes away again. Comes back.

    Do you know if this is working 100%? I would greatly appreciate any insight

  4. Help Needed says:

    By the way, there are no help files. Instead, there are files that are titled, “Read Me” but just link to RT.

  5. Have you install the post_sample_csv.csv file? That will help you a lot, really…

  6. Help Needed says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply mate!

    Yes, I have installed the sample data and it seems to still do the samething.

  7. kiew says:

    It works perfectly!

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